"CCD Signs MOU with Tribal Welfare Department of Government of Maharashtra for formation of Cooperatives in Yavatmal District"

India is an agrarian country with around 60% of its people depending directly or indirectly upon agriculture. Recent data shows that an average farm household makes around Rs 20,000 a year. Is this enough to survive? OFF COURSE NOT! Therefore most of the agriculture households are in Debt. As per records average loan amount outstanding per household is above Rs 50,000.

Needless to say that the world’s largest democracy’s “Anna data” is struggling. They are cheated over and over again….Debt, Drought, Crop failure, land grabbing, all leading to the farmer suicides. What a shame? Can we change this situation?Can we save the farmer and farming? Can we bring back the earnings and dignity of farmer?

YES, WE THINK SO. Our Model is designed to help farmers adapt innovative business models by pooling and processing the product together.

Currently we are working with Groundnut farmers of Anantpur, Mango farmers of Chittoor and Red gram, Cotton, Soya farmers of Adilabad. We reached out to around 31,692 farmers helping them out to be profitable and the results are positive & encouraging. This is just a beginning and we hope to add value to as many farmers as possible.

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