Pool & Sell

The pool and sell model help farmers realize the collective strength of the cooperative. The small and marginal farmers face a series of issues which the pool and sell addresses comprehensively.

Problems Pre – Pool and Sell

  • Lack of fair procurement system and practices impacts the farmers most.
  • Small farmers have little or no negotiation capability in a market dominated by middlemen.
  • Middlemen eat out large chunk of profits while paying very low value to farmers.
  • Middlemen often use unfair means while weighing and grading the produce.
  •  Long delay in receiving payments also makes things worse for the farmers.

How Pool & Sell addresses the problems

  • Pooling in the produce together at a cooperative level enables better negotiation capability
  • Cooperatives pass on all the profits to the farmers
  • Storage facilities at cooperatives ensures minimal impact of market fluctuation
  • Farmers receive payment on time

The immediate effect of a price benefit and correct weighing process is felt not just by members, but also by the non- members in the village who sell their produce under Pool and Sell Method. Making it a crucial process of killing a systemic irregularities.