It all started in a small way, back in 2005 with farmers from Gunipalli village of Anantpur district
deciding to work together for their mutual benefit. As the farmers were not getting the right price for their produce after months of hard work and were struggling to make ends meet as farming was the only source of employment and income for them, with the help and guidance from CCD they founded a farmers cooperative.

The movement is slowly spreading to other states. Today there are over 43,000+ farmers working together across 5 states.


Sri Satya Sai Raithu Mutually Aided Cooperative Federation Ltd.

After six years of organizing the farmers in Anantpur District the Cooperatives have come together to form a Cooperative Federation in the name of Sri Satya Sai Raithu Mutually Aided Cooperative Federation Limited – which was registered on 31st March 2010.

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Processing Units

Sri Satya Sai Raithu Samakhya has established 3 groundnut processing mills with different capacities depending on the groundnut output of the cooperative farmers of the area.


This Unit was established in the year of 2010 to free the farmers from the clutches of middlemen and their unfair practices and add value to their crop through grading and processing. The mill was constructed with the financial and technical assistance from NABARD and Centre for Collective Development (CCD).


In the year 2016 CCD extended its activities to Kalyandurg area to support the farmers in this area. The construction work of this mini-processing mill was completed in the month of February 2020. The Unit has a capacity of 600 Kg per hour ans was established with an initial investment of 13 Lacs by the federation with a farmers share of 3.86 Lacs.


As part of expanding the processing facilities to other part of the districts, A processing unit with a capacity of 1.2 tonne was inaugurated in February 2023. This facility came with an investment of 30 Lacs by the federation and farmers put together.


When groundnut prices drastically crashed during 2014 and 2017, CCD represented the problems of farmers to the District Collector, and JD, Agriculture, through Federation.

Procurement at MSP

Requested to procure the groundnut directly from the farmers at the Minimum Support Price (MSP).

Help from the District Administration

The District Administration came forward to procure the Groundnut through NaFED/Oil Fed.

Government Sanctions

Government sanctioned a MSP procurement centre to the Federation. MSP sales helped the federation to get 1% of the commission which is given to the Cooperatives for their development.

Pool & Sale

During market inconsistency, CCD promoted Pool and Sale The farmers pooled their produce with the Cooperative / Federation, and sold them at the favourable time in the market. The benefits that the farmers have received through this, in Anantapur district, are provided in the table

2019 – 20 2020 – 21 2021 – 22
Number of Farmers 644 641 812
Number of Farmers 22,888 29,525 32,816
Value (Rs.) 6,86,64,000 8,85,69,000 8,48,22,245
Savings in KGs
Through avoiding cheating on weights @4kgs per bag.
91,552 1,18,092 1,31,264
Value of Savings @ Rs.65/- per bag 59,50,880 76,75,980 85,32,160
Average Benefit per farmer* 9.240.50 11,975.01 10,507.59

Salient Features

The Federation came up with the construction of Redgram processing mill which is inaugurated on March 15, 2009 Fully owned and managed by Cooperatives the Federation comprising of 129 primary cooperatives with 8,631 members. The Federation has a Representative General Body with two members representing from each of the Cooperatives Capacity of the processing mill is 5 MT per day of Red Gram expandable to 10 MT per day Capital Investment of the processing mill is Rs.5.8 million, which is extended support of Ford Foundation and Members Own Contribution. The Federation meets once in every month, or more as per the requirements. Procurement, Processing, Marketing and Administrative decisions are collectively made by the governing body in the presence and involvement of Representative General Body. The Federation organized its Annual General Meeting (Mahasabha) every year and elects the new Governing Body.