Refresher Meeting and Orientation at Neredu Valley

2nd , 3rd June 2015

CCD follows the policy of organizing trainings to the newly recruited staff through organizing Induction Trainings.

During the month of June 2015, 6 new Field Officers were recruited in Puttaparthi Field Area. All the new staff members, along with the existing staff, underwent 2-days Induction Training at “Neredu Valley” training centre.

The training focused on the Goal, Vision and Mission, Objectives of CCD, its concept of working, progress of work since inception etc. The Team was provided with exercises like group discussions, presentations, planning for formation of new cooperatives, increasing the membership, drawing procurement plans for the upcoming season etc.

Mr. G.S. Raju, CEO also participated in this training and gave his inputs on Leadership Qualities and Communication Skills, which play a significant role in developing positive and cordial relationships with the communities. He explained that the above two skills are the very important ones without which the communities will not feel and take the Field Officer as their well-wisher. Unless the staff executes high quality skills in Communication they cannot achieve success in implementing the programmes.

This two-days training helped the staff a lot to understand the concept and working objectives, to refresh their strategies and effectively commit to their duties.

As a part of improving the Deposits to attain financial stability and mobilize the working capital in the upcoming couple of year, it is decided that each member, who sells groundnut to the