Water Revitalization

CCD deriving Ground Water Revitalisation programme from its principle values to establish community ownership among the farmers through community partnership.

Ground Water Revitalization Programme

The water scarcity is mostly man made due to excess population growth and mismanagement of water resources. Some of the major reasons for water scarcity are: Inefficient use of water for agriculture and biased system of utilisation. India is among the top growers of agricultural produce in the world and therefore the consumption of water for irrigation is amongst the highest. Traditional techniques of irrigation cause maximum water loss due to evaporation, drainage, percolation, water conveyance, and excess use of groundwater. As more areas come under traditional irrigation techniques, the stress for water available for other purposes will continue.

CCD deriving Ground Water Revitalization programme from its principle values to establish community ownership among the farmers through community partnership. Farmer’s participatory nature has been the greatest strength of CCD for several successful projects years and water harvesting programme will not be deviance to it. CCD builds farmers capacity to lead the water harvesting programme, by which the activities will be planned and managed by the village level cooperatives in consultation with the experts from CCD.

Water harvesting programme in the ponds, percolation tank, repairing of check dams /sluice, stream diversion to dried open wells and constructions of new form ponds are some of the typical works that directly contribute to rising water levels in bore wells.

CCD Objective on Water Revitalization programme is to encourage farmers and Co-Operatives to manage surface water in an effective manner to meet present and future water requirements, which will create the longer impact of developing sustainable and safe irrigation system by usage of River, Tank and Groundwater through community-owned participatory process. Intern, the cooperative toils to raise additional income through developing ground water recharges and providing fertile tanks silt applied to societies members and non-members agriculture land.

CCD approaches to achieve the mentioned impact through the systematic monitoring system of analysis of the collected data of current situation. The regular collection of data will help the organisation to understand the process and the connected factors which facilitate the ground water recharge system by the different structures.

Under Water Revitalization programme, CCD is working on Tank De-siltation, Renovation of check dams, Stream diversion to dried open well and Construction of new form ponds. CCD aims to achieve more such groundbreaking achievements through farmers cooperative societies in coming days.